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Christmas Lights
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Handymagnet contains high energy super strong magnets encased in a malleable plastic coating creating a more flexible attachable and adaptable device than any other on the market.

Using Handymagnet to secure Christmas Lights

Hanging high Christmas lights easily and safely

Handymagnet is a convenient way to get those Christmas lights to a high roof or gutter without the need for ladders. A metal broom handle becomes the easy tool to position the lights - just fix a Handymagnet to the lights - use as many magnets as you need to safely hold the wieght. Attach the lights with the Handymagnet to the metal broom handle and raise and position the lights on the gutter. Use a twisting sliding action to dislodge the broom handle from the lights leaving the lights attached to the gutter. Repeat this process as often as necessary to complete the installation.

Christmas lights in rows

Handymagnet free hanging in two rows can have a series of Christmas lights hung in all the gaps. A very effective way to build a wall of lights for that special effect.

Your Christmas Words in Lights!

Handymagnet is an easy way to write all the Greeting words in lights. Just position a set at every bend. No need for holes, nails or drills.

Handy Glass

Handymagnet can also be used to attach lights and cables to non magnetic materials such as glass. Magnetic fields have the ability to penetrate non magnetic materials including Glass, Aluminium, Timber, some Stainless Steels and Plastics. The best results are achieved by positioning Handymagnet on either side of the glass. You can increase the holding force by increasing the number of magnets on both sides of the Glass. The best results will be achieved by building several stacks of 2, 3 or 4 magnets on both sides of the glass.

Handy stuck to Pole

Handymagnet can also be attached to magnetic or non magnetic poles, positioning items in hard-to-reach places. Handymagnet will need to be secured with tape to make sure it always stays with the pole.

A Handy Twist

Handymagnet always sticks to itself front to back or back to front. Front to Front or Back to Back faces will repel each other as they have the same magnet polarity. So if you need to stick two consecutive Handymagnet magnets together you will need to twist the tape between them making sure they end up with a front facing a back so they will attract each other.

The pink and beige colour Handymagnet strip is used to give a clearer picture of the twist. You can loop longer sections of Handymagnet back onto itself for extra strength.

Handy cable ties

Handymagnet can be used to hold Christmas lights or cable, either in the twist or between strips.

The spacing between sections can be used to support cables to steel walls. Handymagnet can also be left to hang freely and still support cables in the spacing between magnets by allowing two runs of handymagnet to attach to themselves. The cables pass through the gaps.

Handy Pole Ties - for Steel, Aluminium or Wood!

Of course magnets are attracted to steel, so simply wrap Handymagnet around a steel pole or post for a very strong instant fixing.

But Handymagnet can also be used on non magnetic materials like aluminium and wood - just loop it around and it will cling back onto itself forming a strong latch. The trick is in the way it is looped. The main tie is underneath with the ends forming a cross around it.

Handymagnet is:
  • Discrete magnets.
  • Flexible.
  • Waterproof.
  • Child-safe (too large for children to swallow)

NB: Magnets must be kept away from credit cards, video tapes, cassette tapes, pacemakers and other electronic assisted health devices.
Always test the object you want to hang before leaving unattended.

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