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IMS 300 Magnetic Lifter (e-mail IMS for a quote)

The IMS 300 from International Magnetic Solutions - certified to a safe working load of 300 kgf on suitable workpieces, this provides a quick and convenient method of moving heavy ferrous metal components in a factory environment.

The ultimate high power to low weight ratio - truly portable.
Constructed using Ultra high performance Neodymium Magnets.
A 3:1 safety factor.
Sealed for life - maintenance free - smooth handle operation with thumb press release mechanism.
Permanent magnet technology requires no energy source.
A two man job becomes a one man job.
2 pole design enables use on flat and round material.
A locking device in the ON position eliminates accidental release.
The IMS300 safely lifts ferrous components in seconds.
Goods are stored closer together - access is needed to the top face only.
Goods are not marked or damaged.

If you lift the same sized components every day, then nothing could be simpler. Every Lifting Magnet has a Safe Working Load (SWL) rating, that is 3 times less than the actual test load that the lifter has to lift before leaving the factory. This safety margin of 3:1 is there to protect the operator against adverse conditions that reduce the ACTUAL lifting performance.

What are Adverse Lifting Conditions?

  • If the component is made of alloy steel, then the performance of the lifter is reduced.
  • If the surface is painted, rusty or uneven, then airgaps reduce the Actual performance.
  • If the component is thinner than the thickness specified, significant lifting power is lost.
  • How much does a new component weigh? Is it over the SWL of the Magnetic Lifter?
IMS 300 Lifter dimensions:
Dimensions of the IMS 300 lifter magnet from International Magnetic Solutions - certified to a safe working load of 300 kgf on suitable workpieces
Model Rated lifting strength (Kgf) Cylindrical Lifting strength (Kgf) Max pull-off strength (Kgf) L (mm) B (mm) H (mm) R (mm) Working temperature (C) Dead weight (Kg)
IMS0300 300 150 1050 162 92 91 155 80 10
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