International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd PO Box 159 Raymond Terrace NSW 2324 Australia

Just in case you missed out on the news.

We have a New Name, International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd, as seen on this letterhead (Previously known as Australian Magnet Technology Pty Ltd). International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd (IMS) is more in line with our business strategy.

We continue to provide a wealth of magnet knowledge and a vast range of magnetic products for Personal, Domestic and Industrial use. As before, our Design, Testing and Consultancy Services are second to none. Although we have combined several specialist business areas under the one banner of International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd the plan is to develop each into their own separate entity. Visit the main group web site to learn more about how we can assist you:

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International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd, Phone 02 4987 3912, Fax Phone 02 4987 7651.


IMS Magnetic Mining and Handling continues to provide new equipment, Testing and Repair Services for a large number of magnetic products such as Separators, Tramp Magnets and Magnetic Filters. A visit to our web site will detail our services further. For those interested in Magnetic Drum Separators we have produced an article describing their operation, Construction and Repairs and posted it up on the net. To view go to and select separators from the menu.


IMS Industrial and Magnetic Products has a large range of Magnetic Products and Services. These products include Scavengers, Magnetic lifters and a Back Safe range. A comprehensive Testing, Repair and Design Consulting Service are also available. Visit for more information on Magnets and Magnetic Products.

Thank you for taking time to read this notice. Hope you find something of immediate use on one of our web sites.

Yours truly,

Victor Cassar - Managing Director International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd

Victor Cassar
Managing Director